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Wednesday, 14 October 2020


Planning in November/December, a revisit to my series, A Dozen Questions. This time to promote writers.  Nothing happening at this stage but below you will find the idea to promote yourselves and your work.

Proud of these posts.

If interested, I will get in touch in due course and maybe this will help the writing cause. Dig in. Feel totally free to decline if and when the invitation comes.


Here are the links to the 2018 special guest stars:

Mandy Bingham

Colin Dardis

Anne-Marie Quigg

Gerry Kelly

George Larmour

Geoff Hill

Lynette Fay

Janet Henry

Michael Smiley

Paddy Nash

Edelle McMahon

Kathy Clugston

Brigid O’Neill

Stephen Dunwoody

Colin Breen

Ursula Burns

Charles Lawson

Mairead Healy

Simon Murphy

Anthony Toner

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