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Monday, 4 June 2018


Over a long period of time, I have jotted down snatches of conversations overheard in the streets, in queues, in waiting rooms and barber shops, on trains, in cafes, pubs and restaurants and all manner of places.

They are all true moments. I have no idea what the conversations were before and after the bits I overheard. Here's a few examples to add to Eavesdroppings 1 -

“I know it’s only a pound more
but I begrudge giving it to them.”

“No, no, no. That’s not what
you said this morning.’

“I was so sure
his middle name was Charles.”

“How many more times?
No. No. No. No. No.
Same answer to the next five questions.”

“I’m fed up backing losers.”

“Just tell him. Let him know.
Draw a line.”

“That dog’s disgusting.”

“He can walk alright
but it hurts when he turns left.”

“You need to bring a packed lunch
to that Post Office.”

“Not if I win 
the lottery first.”

“Most of the time
she’s in her jim-jams all day.”

“Come four o’clock,
the big light goes on.”

“I couldn’t care less
about my wobbly fat on a beach.”

“I had a big lunch
and a big dinner
every day last week.”

“He cut his hand
on a tin of salmon
and the laugh is 
he doesn’t eat fish.”

“My shoes have
memory foam.”

“Be careful.
Nothing too spicy.”

“I need a hobby. 
Nothing expensive.”

“Been to the doctor
but he’s too young to understand.”

“That school is like a prison.
Too many stupid rules.”

“No way can I drink coffee
without sugar. Loads of it. 
The sugar police can fuck off.”

I’ve off TV for Lent,
except for the odd catch-up.”

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