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Wednesday, 6 June 2018


(A stock image to illustrate the point.)

I am not wishing a plague on High Streets but I am highlighting a growing epidemic ........... of advertising A-Boards outside shops, estate agents and other businesses.

I live near the town of Worksop in the East Midlands. The main thoroughfare is Bridge Street. I try to avoid going in on market days. Today, Wednesday is such a day. I had to go into town to do an urgent bit of business.

A-Boards + market stalls = not a helluva lot of walking space for the public.

In a half-mile or so stretch of Bridge Street, I counted 49 A-Boards, making the street more like a slalom run. It is very frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry because the car park clock is ticking. I couldn't wait to do what I came in to do and get out of there.

If there are still such things as Town Centre Managers, why are they allowing businesses to spill out onto the streets? Why are A-Boards not controlled more strictly? And what evidence is there to show that A-Boards actually bring in more punters? They are a bloody nuisance.

It is not just Worksop. I have visited dozens of market towns over the years and most of them suffer from this blatant and unchallenged commandeering of public walking space.

Rise up and take back our pedestrian space! (I'll have to work on that slogan!!)

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