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Sunday, 18 February 2018


well look at you
at a beach somewhere
with your mates
but it’s you
the only one looking at the camera
better than a movie star
and get those sunglasses
cool in the forties
was he the camera man
was it him
at what stage
and there’s a snap
of the two of you
acting the lig
you in a flared skirt
white blouse
bobby socks
sensible shoes
him in a jerkin
suit trousers
and bicycle clips
must have been
one of your epic jaunts
out to the coast
and one of you flanked
by two girlfriends
I’m reckoning New Lodge Road
O’Kane’s pub window
one on the left looking stern
you and the other one smiling
there are more pics
many more in my head
a forever gallery
without you and him
I wouldn’t be here

especially without you

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