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Friday, 16 February 2018


not long after Granny Rachel died
at 77
from bronchopneumonia
and general debility
her brass candlesticks disappeared
(we’re talking heavy solid brass here)
the ones from either side
of the fireplace
two big
two medium
two small
taken by family members
I could name
but what would be the point
of grassing up relatives
who are also long gone
no dates
no ages
and I wonder what happened
to the candlesticks
after they passed away
taken by other relatives perhaps
sold to an antiques dealer
gathering dust in an attic
what a thought
Granny Rachel always aproned-up
with cloth and Brasso to hand
made those candlesticks gleam
and it occurs to me
as I think back
to Saturday afternoon visits
I never saw a candle in them
candles were for churches
candlesticks ornamented her humble home
by the fireplace
along with a combination set
and her bag of snuff and nose-rags

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