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Thursday, 15 February 2018



the kid got blasted
by Ethan’s furious anger
what do you want me to do
draw you a picture
spell it out
don’t ever ask me
long as you live
don’t ever ask me more‘
and all the kid wanted to know
was did they……
was she……
and Ethan stabbed the ground
with a knife
and stabbed it again
and again
and again
as if murdering the earth
provided closure
after he found the girl
and worse
after he wrapped her in his coat
after he buried her
with his bare hands
his insides twisted by loathing
his heart thumping with rage
his blood pumping with revenge
his head promising a reckoning
so on to find them
ever restless searcher
and on finding them
to kill them
and on killing them
to shoot out their eyes
to deny them sight of the spirit-land
to force their black souls
to wander the afterlife
and ever

and ever

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