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Monday, 8 January 2018


I stopped watching awards shows years ago initially because they started to become more elaborate and long-winded, and some of the cry-baby speeches just urged me to buy a bigger bucket.

The smaller shows like soap awards and their ilk are enough to liquify the cerebral cortex, but then I'm not a soap fan, so how could I possibly know how great and gifted the nominees and winners are. I am not desperate to find out.

The premium accolade shows are, of course, the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes, with the Globes often seen as the warm-up act for the Oscars. I used to be giddy with excitement about film and television awards but in recent years they have become platforms for protests and campaigns about race, gender, sexual abuse and so on, all legitimate subjects to highlight. To highlight, yes, but not to dominate the show.

I have no idea who won what last night but my usual skim of news headlines shows that 'the story' is about protest above performance.

What should be a joyous celebration of artistic creativity appears to have been shrouded under an umbrella of protest, denying winners their pure moments of happiness. How can any winner be excited to whoop and holler and do cartwheels in a show that has the feel of a wake. (Again, I didn't watch it but that's my impression from brief glimpses of news  bulletins. I am ready to be corrected.)

There are those who have every right and reason to use a Hollywood back-slapping ceremony to give it an ass-kicking, but I think there must be a better way to make protestations without demoting celebrations.

The Golden Globes will be the warm-up act for the Academy Awards, another opportunity, no doubt, for talent to take second place to 'issues' in the headlines. Another awards show for me to avoid.

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