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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


A 93-year-old woman who was badly beaten as she slept in her own bed has died in hospital from complications from her injuries.   Emma Winnall, who was attacked in Moseley, Birmingham, nearly a month ago, died early this morning, said West Midlands police.

Throughout life, when people live 

to a high number of years,
we say: "It's a good innings",
a judgement and a compliment, I suppose.

Mrs Winnall, 93 years,
sadly, tragically, incomprehensibly dead
from a savage beating
as she slept in her own bed.

We saw the picture of her face,
the black and blue bruises,
that no soft-soap psychological or social analysis
explains or excuses.

No platitudes, no curt phrases will do,
no worn out old cricketing term,
this happened on our watch, people,
and we should do a lot more than squirm.

We should do more.
But will we?


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