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Friday, 11 May 2012


They did that "under the radar" thing,
had a quiet word, not using the phrase "you're fired",
just something about "no longer required",
nothing blunt like "past your use-by date",
just mincing words about "being concerned of late",
about commitment, attention to detail, focus
and other tried and tested HR hocus pocus,
all done in that storyteller's soft, caring voice,
"a hard decision, but we had no choice",
that "under-the-radar" thing, a curved ball's lob,
when he unexpectedly lost his job.

With messy admin and loose ends, challenges and appeals,
here was a victim of circumstance, of sidelining, pushed out,
three job losses in a long career, in spite of all the good he did,
here was the star of his own movie:
"Much Calamity & The Redundance Kid".

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