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Friday, 4 May 2012


We occupy the blogosphere,
we tweet, we link, we share,
we comment, criticise, joke and jibe
at whoever's receiving out there.

We let down our guard day and night,
we tell all, believing we're free
to tease and taunt and laugh and cry
in our virtual community.

We mix humour and anger and churn it out
to see what reaction we get,
becoming annoyed at lack of response
from people we've never met.

We lose the thread, we miss the point,
that as soon as we hit button "send",
we can never retrieve our pictures and words
from the Internet's world without end.

We see gadgets as new gods to worship,
we're dismissive of the risks and the dangers
of opening up and confessing our faults
to a wide world of dubious strangers.

We can see the positive and the good
of the social networking regime,
but let the tweeter beware of the line to cross
when the nightmare negates the dream.

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