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Thursday, 29 September 2016


In my lifetime, I have had the pleasure of reading a number of newspaper columnists on a regular basis.  Some more than others have grabbed my attention and I have wonderful memories of bus and train journeys reading the wondrous words of brilliant writers.  Clive James was the main reason to buy The Observer on a Sunday for his groundbreaking TV columns.  That was in the 1970s.  Gail Walker, now, writes every week in the Belfast Telegraph, incisive, fearless, heartfelt, nostalgic. Outstanding.  AA Gill in The Sunday Times writes superbly (if a little flowery at times) about restaurants and all sorts of other "at large" stuff.  Jeremy Clarkson, whatever else he is, writes superb columns. Back in the 1960s, Patrick Riddell was a compelling curmudgeon in the Sunday News.  Amazing.  The 10 below - gifted people who made/make words sing.

I have been educated, entertained, enlightened, enthralled, delighted and, terrible word that I vowed I would never use, gobsmacked by the intelligence, insightfulness and brilliance of these quite exceptional people.

Here are the names without sub-text or palaver.  Look them up yourself. I am in awe........

Patrick Riddell
Miles Kington
Alan Coren
Clive James
Matthew Parris
Jeremy Clarkson
Alf McCreary
John Pepper
Gail Walker
AA Gill

I love them for their style, their penchant for swimming upstream, for their truth and for their microscopic insight into the foibles of humanity.

Every time I have read them or still read them, I learn. I learn. I'm happy with that.

Big salute.

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