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Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I have been interviewed on the radio a few times and the style of the broadcaster is so essential to calm a nervous wreck. I can think of BBC Radio Ulster's John Toal and Gerry Kelly, two gifted broadcasters but with that natural ability to be both great questioners AND listeners.

John interviewed me about my fun verse alter ego Hamish Sheaney.

Gerry interviewed me about my book Stephen Boyd: From Belfast to Hollywood.

This week, I experienced my second live interview with BBC Radio Sheffield's Rony Robinson. Yet another example of how to converse, listen and make the interviewee feel at ease.

We talked about my father's 22 missing years - he vanished between 1960 and 1982 - leaving a wife and 7 children and dying a lonely death in Clapham, London.

We talked about my biography effort on film star Stephen Boyd and about my only sporting triumph as British Home Stores, Belfast, 1974 Dominoes Champion.

A lovely 20 minutes.

Thank you BBC Radio Sheffield team for a warm welcome and a great experience.

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