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Friday, 17 June 2016


Day 5 of my rewrite/revision of Belfast Backlash. I think the first 9 chapters (of 45) read okay. Still some some funny lines and wisecracks in there. Too many? Not sure. I don't think so. I want it to be entertaining, not too dark but dark enough. Pace still seems good. For anyone interested, the first chapter appeared in a post a few days ago. 

Also quite pleasing that there are no typos, although I have changed the odd word or reference here and there. The writer tinkers.....
If anyone is interested in assisting with publication or any agent sees merit in representing this project, please get in touch -

In 2012, I self-published 'Belfast Backlash', a crime caper. Now, I am re-reading it, revising, tidying and tightening it up to republish in a new edition.


“I was checking off the names of various characters in my head, ticking and crossing as I went through the litany of all those with whom I had come in contact in the previous ten days; Eddie Hennessy, genius and murder victim; John Devlin, rogue, living out his last days in peace; Bog O’Byrne, thug and now motorway bridge support; Brendan Bertram, sweet old man with enough to say and more to tell; Bingo and P.J., idiots on crutches; Joan Jones, a tragic, lost opportunity to be the love of my life; Steffi Ellerbrock, a beautiful surprise out of the blue; Jackie Strong, infamous piece of scum and still to account for his risible life; Dave Robinson and Billy Strong, dead men walking…………”

Introducing Private Investigator Sticky Miller and his resourceful sidekick Limp Donnelly as they investigate the death of a poet.  In the process, they get involved with gangsters and other shady characters in Belfast and beyond.  With little fear of action, no fear whatsoever of puns and a penchant for pontificating, bullets, one-liners and words of wisdom fly in equal measure in this hard-boiled, explosive crime story.

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