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Sunday, 19 June 2016


Late last night, this 5-year-old blog passed through 100,000 views, a mini-milestone, I suppose but quite pleasing.

I'm inclined to think, as Kenneth Williams wrote in the last page of his diary: "What's the bloody point?" and there is a thought there but I think I know what my point is in keeping this blog going. In short, I love to write, I love attempting to write, I love experimenting with poems and stories, I like sharing what I think are interesting links, I like giving a little support to writers and musicians through reviews and I like to promote some of my own projects. Of course, I have no idea, apart from a handful of comments, what the 100,000 viewers really think of my posts but that doesn't really matter. I'm not doing it for fame and fortune. I'm doing it because of all the reasons above under an umbrella of personal enjoyment.

So I'll keep going until I do get to the "what's the bloody point?" stage but that seems unlikely. As long as there are interesting ideas, interesting books, interesting music and good things to share, the blog goes on.

Thanks to everyone who had a look.

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