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Monday, 20 June 2016



The planetary pattern early in the week could make it hard for you
to see your situation and your options in perspective. The tempo
eases from midweek, so make no hard and fast decisions now. 
Romantic, diplomatic Venus is due to take charge of your close relationships
from Friday, giving you a sure-fire sense of what to say and when.

It is always at the lowest ebb that the tide starts to turn 
and you should have noticed by now that the atmosphere is less stifling 
than it was a week or two ago. The Sun in Taurus and Pluto in your sign 
are your guides and helpers, so forget your woes and enjoy yourself. 
Ebb and flow, ebb and flow, ebb and flow.

Your feelings run deep but, being ruled by the focused Saturn, 
you are happiest when life is in order. However, between 
intense planetary activity involving Saturn, the secretive Pluto, 
which is in Capricorn, and tomorrow’s Full Moon, 
events seem overwhelming. Instead of struggling for control, 
keep evolving, let go completely. You’ll learn a lot.

I mused. I pondered. I wondered. 
I tossed a coin, opened the front door, 
stepped outside, 
gave right and left several glances, 
breathed in and took my chances.

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