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Sunday, 22 May 2016


In July 2015, I posted a review of Let It Be by Simon Murphy, a collection of excellent songs. Here's the link -

In the time since then, I have kept an eye on Simon's work. Recently he came back from what sounds like a brilliant trip to Nashville, surely the singer/songwriter's Mecca and a true test of the quality of songs and performances in a city, I'm guessing, that is overloaded with aspirations and dreams.

Simon should have no trouble whatsoever in competing with the very best in Nashville and elsewhere. He sent me two new demos (If Simon wants me to edit in any links to allow people to sample, let me know).

The new demos - I Still Miss You and Better With You are two beautiful love songs, old school singer/songwriter (and that's a compliment). The arrangements are simple but effective, the guitar playing is crisp and the vocals are confident, clear, easy on the ear.

Here's the link to Simon's website -

Have a look, get to know his work. There's something special going on here.

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