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Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Let me get a wow out of the way first. Wow! No, no, in capitals - WOW!

You know, there is a lot of noise out there pretending to be music, a lot of singers who are really shouters, out to be competitive to see who can hit the highest, loudest note and shatter glass half a mile away. They are very popular in coffee shops, blaring out of the speakers, which is the main reason I've stopped going to coffee shops. Nice coffee, bleeding ears. Bad combo.

Let me meander a bit more. Rather like those old grizzled guys in westerns, the ones wading in the middle of a stream with a sieve shuffling the sand and silt in the hope of finding a gold nugget, well friends, I have found a gold nugget - Brigid O'Neill's new single, her self-penned "Don't Make Me Go To Town" and it knocks anything I've ever endured from the shouty-singers into the long grass. I'd drink my coffee to this anytime and ask for repeats and refills. 

I find that if a record doesn't grab me in seconds, I might not go the distance but if a record has a distinctive opening, something that makes you sit up and say: "Hello", it will either drift into something nice but average or keep progressing into something stunning and sensational. With Brigid, we are in stunning and sensational territory.

"Don't Make Me Go To Town" has a spare but beautifully judged arrangement, laid back (and I mean that in a good way) lyrics and one of the most beautiful singing voices I have ever heard. It is crisp, clear, pitch-perfect, in control, effortless, warm and just mind-blowingly wonderful. I'm on my sixth listen and the song just gets better and better. It is gorgeous. The musical combination of drums, guitar, double bass and a lovely clarinet touch just add to the joy.

This single deserves tons of airplay. I'm convinced that the more people hear it, the louder will be the wow - altogether now, WOW!

Here is the link to Brigid's website where you can find out how to buy this single (and I encourage you to do just that) and read up on all sorts of information about her career, gigs, etc.

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  1. Absolutely thrilled with this great review from Joe Cushnan - my FIRST for my new single 'Don't Make Me Go to Town'. So glad you liked it Joe!