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Sunday, 11 October 2015


You don't have to walk far to witness 
a fair cross section of the human race;
decent people, honest people, kind people, 
generous people, empathetic people
mixing it with obnoxious people, lying people, 
wicked people, miserly and uncaring people,
people who want to live a quiet life 
fulfilling family and personal ambitions 
in amongst people who fight, kill, maim, hate, 
corrupt, steal, abuse, delude, brainwash......

You don't have to travel the long road to see 
sensible people having to mingle with stupid people 
who choose to deviate from common sense and acceptable behaviour
or are too dense to understand the implications 
of the actions they take and the words they say.
You don't have to walk far or travel the long road, 
so some days don't bother, sink into your armchair, 
curtains drawn, iPad off, trying to identify silences in the hum.

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