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Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Big God steps back into the fray,
No longer Chairman,
Back as Chief Operating Officer,
Too much slipping away,
Too many mistakes,
Too many plodders and pricks,
Rebels, chancers and mavericks,
Humanity plc in need of a steady hand,
The seven deadly sins
Deadlier than ever,
Mankind, womankind, childkind
Overdue for tough love,
An overhaul of sense and sanity,
A kick up the arse, a jolt…..

Big God goes to the cutlery drawer
For a lightning bolt.

This poem is from Before Amnesia: Seeds of a Memoir

Before Amnesia

‘I’ve a grand memory for forgetting….” Alan Breck to David Balfour in Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Kidnapped” Before Amnesia, Seeds of a Memoir is a blend of humour and serious reflection, there to entertain, inform and, perhaps, enlighten. It is not a conventional autobiographical project. The book contains two essays on my background (Belfast and beyond), a selection of random memories, two poetry sections and a script for a proposed radio drama about a father and a son meeting after a gap of fifty years. On a quite serious note, we are all prone to losing our memories as we get older, either through natural forgetfulness or by something more debilitating. I would like my family in the future to have some written record of me, not for personal vanity but to give them a few details about life as I experienced it. I might get round to writing my whole story but for now, with the words of Alan Jay Lerner singing in my head: ‘Ah yes! I remember it well’, these notes and observations lay some kind of a foundation. Joe Cushnan is a freelance writer of books, features, reviews and poetry.
ISBN: 9781786101655
Total Pages: 141
Published: 23 September 2015

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