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Sunday, 5 July 2020


Available for freelance writing commissions on a variety of subjects including family history, nostalgic Belfast and its famous people, shops, shoppers & shopping (40 years in retailing), the golden age of Hollywood (including westerns) and humorous pieces on life's weird and wonderful. Op-eds, columns, non-fiction book reviews too. & @JoeCushnan

I have a portfolio of features, reviews, poetry and short fiction published in all sorts of places - Belfast Telegraph, Tribune, Ireland's Own, Dalhousie Review, Fairlight Books, Reader's Digest, Reality, Lapwing Poetry, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Spillwords, Dear Reader, Amethyst Review, to name a selection.  Oh, and the odd BBC radio contribution. I wrote a book on retailing, on dealing with job losses and a biography of Stephen Boyd.

This is a series of very short items that have nothing to do with the current news agenda.  Swift diversions for a moment or two.

Apropos of Nothing #78 – 5 July 2002

Film, television and theatre actress, Katy Jurado died at 78 on 5 July, 2002.

Unafraid of becoming older, she once said: “You can’t put your finger in the sun and stop time”. 

Born with a gift of a name for poetry – Maria Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado Garcia - a child
from Guadalajara grew to be described as fiery-eyed, luscious, smouldering, passionate, strong, and, according to one husband, a beautiful tiger. 

She was more than westerns but that is her place in the loving memories of those of us who have watched her hundreds of times in High Noon (1952: she won a Golden Globe), Broken Lance (1954), Man from Del Rio (1956), The Badlanders (1958: she was nominated for an Oscar) and One-Eyed Jacks, and seeing her tearful and distraught as she watches Slim Pickens dying in Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973).

Katy Jurado was married twice, the second time (1959 - 1963) to Ernest Borgnine.  She had a relationship with western writer Louis L'Amour.

“You can’t put your finger in the sun and stop time.” But in movies you can. Hit the rewind button and the opening credits roll again, then repeat and repeat and repeat. 

On the streets of Hadleyville, Marshall Will Kane’s clock ticks relentlessly and Helen Ramirez will always be 28-years old, just like Katy Jurado.

Sources: Various

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