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Friday, 2 March 2018


It is only in recent months that I have been drawn to have a go at flash fiction. As "rest periods" away from a much bigger and personally important writing project, attempts at poems have been fun but fiction, always a bit scary to me as a trainee writer, has not been of much interest. That is until, I discovered the challenge and sheer joy of writing a story in 500 words or so.

As I write, I have just been informed that my second flash fiction story has been accepted for publication. My first accepted story, Twist, was published online by Fairlight Books and here is the link:

I have several more ready to go, most of them written as I waited for trains, travelled on trains or sketched out in dentist's waiting rooms. In addition (see previous post on eavesdropping), I note down snatches of conversation I hear in the street and elsewhere and that ignites my imagination.

The other day I saw something in a corner of a car park and took a picture. I'm mulling over what lead to this odd display of empty mini-cheddar packs and an old pair of boots. Hmmmm.

Happy scribbling!

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