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Friday, 30 March 2018


I bought this book and paid the full whack, £14.99. 14 fucking 99. What a stupid price for a book that starts 'Reader, we have got you between the covers on a false pretext. This is not exactly a 'how to' manual.' Bastards. I'm thinking TV's Hustle.

But, I read it and found out things that I knew and remembered (duh), things that I knew but had forgotten and things that I never would have thought of in a million years.

I am a 64-year-old wannabee poet, and wider writer. I need to learn. I want to learn. 

This book is a revelation, a teacher, a bully (in the positive sense if that's possible) and a companion with permanent residence in my man-bag.

You get the practical experience of a mouthy (compliment) poet and a seasoned publisher. You get both worlds. You also get guest stars writing stuff that is useful but sometimes highfalutin'.

You get advice on writing, reading, editing, drafting, preparing to get published, getting published, not pissing off editors, impressing editors and all the ballyhoo.

I like this book a lot and I will refer to it many times when I try to write decent words and phrases.

If you are in this world of a wonderful writing arena, find a copy and be prepared to soak up a wealth of experience ...... and to get your ass kicked.

Happy qwertying, folks.

But £14.99? 14 fucking 99? Don't exclude the poor writers in their garrets. A great investment for sure but 14 fucking 99? Make it a tenner and sell more books. 

Much love Nine Arches Press, Jo Bell and Jane Commane. 


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