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Friday, 17 March 2017



Researching my father's story - he left his Belfast home in 1960, his wife and seven young children, and pretty much vanished until we were told of his death at 57 in 1982 in Clapham, London. He died from a brain tumour.

I am looking into his 22 'missing' years. I know quite a bit about what happened to him but quite a bit is not enough.

I tweet, post on Facebook, Google, and try everything I can think of to discover who he became, where he ended up and whether or not he had a second family.

Over time, little bits of new information trickle through.

This week, thanks to a piece of mine in the Clapham Society's March newsletter (thank you), I received an email from the daughter of the man who used to be landlord of the Rose & Crown pub, the Polygon, Clapham. Jim Nicholson was incredibly kind, helpful and generous in arranging a lot of my father's funeral. Forever grateful. 

His daughter, now living in Australia, told me that her brother remembers my father fondly from those pub days. I wait to hear from him.

The pub. Still there.

John Cushnan from Belfast, circa 1957. He chose to be known as John Kelly from Derry in the 1960s/1970s. He was 32.

My father on his wedding day in 19047. He was 22.

My father with people I don't know, sometime, I think, in the late 1970s.

A woman my father knew.

A boy my father knew.

Any information about John Cushnan aka John Kelly, the woman and the boy, gratefully received.

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