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Wednesday, 15 February 2017


For many years, my radio alarm has kicked in with BBC Radio 4's Today Programme and some time ago it occurred to me that it is an extremely depressing way to start any day - bad news pours out, warnings are issued by 'experts', ex-politicians (failed) pontificate opinions, offering wisdom (whizz dumb) on the crisis of the day, current politicians answer straight questions with unconnected answers, many pointless surveys on this and that are discussed for ages, interviews (interruption-fests) are unlistenable and, sadly, any genuine nuggets of interest or any hint of an upbeat story are buried under a current of misery and gloom. I am heartily sick of words like Brexit, Trump, austerity and many more.

So, begone Today Programme, now I listen to Classic FM and joy has returned to my waking moments. I feel refreshed, uplifted, inspired to spring out of bed and do good, positive things.

I've gone off words first thing in the morning in favour of a jukebox of classical music delights presented by the calming tones of Tim Lihoureau, a wonderful broadcaster and perfect radio companion to start the day.

My oft-repeated favourite quote from the late, great Harry Chapin: "Sometimes words can serve me well and sometimes words can go to hell......."

Cue the music.

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