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Thursday, 9 February 2017


That horrible word 'Brexit' is now part of the language. It seems that every news organisation is duty bound to use it often in this drip-drip brainwashing world we live in. If you say the same thing over and over again, eventually it becomes accepted as the norm and people get blasé about what it actually means.

If a baby hears the Hey Diddle Diddle rhyme every hour of every day, it is fun on one level but it actually drives home the message that a cow can really jump over the moon and that a dish can get away with stealing as it scarpers with a kitchen utensil. No wonder some kids grow up to be confused.

Not many years ago, the same applied to 'austerity'. Asked any question, just about every politician snapped back, with a shoulder shrug: "Austerity." And that was the end of the discussion. Same with 'Brexit", a bastard of a word in more ways than one. Ask politicians and, especially, failing business leaders, and the excuse is "Brexit". What's the reason for poor results? Brexit. Why did the initiative fail? Brexit. Why are you making redundancies? Brexit. Why are you raising prices? Brexit.

Add to the overuse of the word all the predictions and warnings about the abyss (Brabyss?) that we're heading towards according to the soothsayers and that brilliant strategic tactic of keeping people bamboozled (Bramboozled?) or bored (Brored?) and we apathetic saps just go along with it all.

Politicians come and go, interfering and tinkering for a few years, eventually chasing the commercial shilling or writing an unnecessary breeze-block of a memoir or jumping on the lucrative lecture circuit bandwagon (Brandwagon?) while ordinary folks get on with life.

Perhaps it has always been that way but in the pre-24/7 rolling news and social media lava flow, everything seemed calmer (rose-tinted nostalgia specs?). Everything nowadays is underlined, printed in bold font, exaggerated  and repeated, manipulated and mangled a million times like never before. We have facts, alternative facts, opinions, insults, lies, mischief, verbal assassinations, Twitter fisticuffs, etc all combining to provoke even the mild-mannered to bellow from the rooftops:


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