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Friday, 11 September 2015


“….caught in the squall, sir
ordinary people like me, sir
all we wanted was to get on, sir
no trouble sir,
no hassle, sir
raise a family, sir
food on the table, sir
work and wages, sir
two nights a week in the pub, sir
simple things, sir
a bit of peace and quiet, sir
look out for each other, sir
stop looking back, sir
the here and now, sir
a future to look forward to, sir
thousands dead, sir
thousands maimed, sir
thousands traumatised, sir
thousands grieving, sir
what for, sir
what for, sir 
the bastards in charge, sir
are no better than the bastards before, sir
in the blink of an eye, sir
the whole thing’s on its arse, sir
but don’t listen to me, sir
just an ordinary, ignorant, old has-been, sir
old shites like me never had a voice, sir
whatever you say, say nothing, sir
what’s the bloody point, sir
caught in the squall, sir….”

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