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Monday, 5 January 2015


Ten resolutions standing in a line,
One couldn't be bothered and then there were nine.

Nine resolutions keen and feeling great,
One got the early jitters and then there were eight.

Eight resolutions part of the New Year's fun,
Reduced themselves to seven when they sacked a cheeky one.

Seven resolutions posing for publicity pics,
One refused to smile on cue and then there were six.

Six resolutions pledged themselves to strive,
One went all glib and told a fib and then there were five.

Five resolutions more determined than before,
One took early retirement and then there were four.

Four resolutions said what will be will be,
One got a better offer and then there were three.

Three resolutions said what will we three do,
One felt nervous in a trio and then there were two.

Two resolutions left to get their mission done,
One decided to go solo and then there was one.

One resolution said this whole thing's quite absurd,
All our good intentions gone and it's only Jan the third.

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