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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


From today's BBC News site:

The official police log of a confrontation between Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell and officers in Downing Street last week has been published in full for the first time.  The document, printed by the Daily Telegraph, appears to confirm Mr Mitchell called the officers "plebs", something he has not admitted to.

So, who whips the Whip,
who is the chief whipper
of the Chief Whip,
who's gonna flash the lash,
step forward with swishes and flails
with a cat o' nine tails,
who's gonna whip the Whip?

Who's gonna whip the Whip,
flog and flagellate,
to cane and spank out the truth
of what happened at the gate,
when the Whip got lippy,
who'll be his Mr Whippy,
who's gonna whip the Whip?

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