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Saturday, 15 September 2012


Privacy's a precious thing,
but can be ruined in a flash, 
stolen by photographers
who want a load of cash.

Listen all celebrities,
when semi-naked or fully nude,
paparazzi photo-hungry hounds
eye you with gratitude.

Editors of trashy mags,
crave exclusives from a pap,
they happily pay gazillions
for the latest starry crap.

Readers wait with bated breath
for the gossip and the pics,
salivating over supplements
of celebs stripped to their knicks.

If you're a famous person,
say, in a sanctuary chateau,
beware the long lens lurkers
snapping away like billyo.

And once the pics appear in print,
that's about the end of it,
unless the law can catch and charge
the camera-toting git.

Yes, privacy's a precious thing
for peasants and future Queens
but gossip makes loadsa money 
from bestselling magazines.

If people are apoplectic
at this glossy, intrusive trash,
stop buying the bloody gossip rags
and save yourselves some cash
......and some integrity
......and some dignity.......

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