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Thursday, 6 September 2012


Two of BBC Radio 4's best known announcers are leaving the airwaves...........

Charlotte Green, oh, Charlotte Green,
Often heard but seldom seen,
Soon your dulcet tones on 4
Will not delight us anymore,
And radio will lose it’s sheen
as we mourn the leaving of Charlotte Green

Harriet Cass, oh, Harriet Cass,
Is leaving too, alack, alas,
Another voice of liquid gold
Departs dear Auntie’s treasured fold,
Sometimes a thought too much to bear,
Soon Harriet Cass will be off the air.

Charlotte Green and Harriet Cass,
Part of our lives but all things must pass,
Harriet Cass and Charlotte Green,
I hope you know how much you mean,
Nothing seems to stay the same
In life come changes, decisions, choices
But we’ll not forget the calming sound
Of two of radio’s greatest voices.

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