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Monday, 12 December 2011


Here's part of what I remember;
the route we took, the bars
we visited on 14 September 1976,
me and Tom, one night,
as we went and got our kicks.

Mitre Hotel,
Town Hall Tavern,
Vine Inn,
Grey Horse,
Portland Hotel,
Piccadilly Hotel,

We eased into a satisfying hazy blur,
drinking beer after beer after beer,
bringing our Ulster craic to "the mainland",
in that long hot summer year.

We saw a woman, sitting at a bar,
half a lager, laddered tights,
beetroot sandwich, dangling cigarette,
our one-off crawl, her usual night of nights.

We stole an ashtray from a hotel lounge,
well one of us did but I'm no tell-tale-tit,
we stumbled to the last bus near midnight,
ate a Chinese takeaway and that was it.

The next morning was throbbing hangover hell
from the night me and Tom went out and got our kicks
and maybe there is much more to tell
about 14 September 1976.

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