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Monday, 19 December 2011


This is a poem that disguises an advertisement for my book “Retail Confidential”. I think I’ll call this type of blatant plugging an “adverpoem” – or perhaps not.

I wouldn’t say it’s definitive,
I wouldn’t say it’s unbiased,
I wouldn’t say it’s balanced,
occasionally it might be pious.

I wouldn’t say it’s boring,
I wouldn’t say it’s essential,
I wouldn’t say it’s suits all tastes,
this “Retail Confidential”.

I would say it’s an honest book,
about two hundred pages
with advice and stories tucked between
random rants and rages.

I would say it’s an offbeat look
at shops, shoppers and shopping
that should raise a smile with customers
and get store managers hopping.

“Retail Confidential”
a book from my career
on sale at Amazon and elsewhere
and you’ll find it’s not too dear!

Alternatively, go to Amazon and Search "Joe Cushnan" or "Retail Confidential"

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