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Thursday, 7 March 2019


A longer article based on this post is available for commission

Every so often I go on a rant about poor service in shops, restaurants, health centres and anywhere that purports to deal with the public.

I was in town a little while ago and heard, in passing, an old lady saying: "There's just a lack of good, old-fashioned manners these days.  Not like in my day."

I felt myself agreeing with her until I thought about it a little more.  Manners are and always have been erratic things.  And it's nothing to do with age or generation.

I know plenty of young and old people who are courteous and kindly when it comes to saying "please", "thank you", "excuse me", holding doors open, giving up seats on trains, etc.

Conversely, I witness bad manners every day - from young and old.  I recall bad manners when I was a child and bad manners several decades on.

Apart from the irritation of being called "sweetheart" by female assistants (mainly supermarket checkout staff) and "mate" by male assistants (anywhere), the latest annoyance is when I say "thank you" to a service employee, more often than not the response is "you're alright".

Perhaps, today, there is a laziness inherent in some people and a lot of them simply can't be bothered with manners as they rush around encased in selfish bubbles checking phones every few minutes and not giving a toss about those around them.

There are no such things as good, old-fashioned manners.  You either know what to do and say or you don't.  You are either brought up properly or dragged up carelessly.  Blame parents, blame teachers but don't forget to blame yourself when you get to that point in your life when you know right from wrong.

Good manners and natural courtesy are good and they are free of charge.

Thank you.

You're alright!

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