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Tuesday, 26 March 2019


Books read in the first three months of 2019. All a delight. Hemingway's was the most challenging. Connolly's was a pleasant romp through much-told anecdotes. Bythell's bookseller diary was a great find. Stamm's story was intriguing. and Wodehouse - I'm on a Jeeves and Wooster binge - is, as we all know, sheer and absolute joy. Spiffing, don't you know!

I will be away for a couple of week's soaking up the culture and history of a far-off land, reading more and writing, or attempting to write, a haiku-style diary.

My memoir on my father is under consideration. A crime caper is in an agent's submissions tray. A radio idea has been sent off. A potential book project called "In Concert" is in early 'scribble' stages.

Oh, and I am looking forward to 3 days mooching around the Belfast Book Festival in June. 


p.s. Oh, and this one. A rather touching memoir about parents as individuals and together, with a child between them. Fascinating study of relationships.

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