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Monday, 18 March 2019


If any features editors would like to commission anything to do with this trip, 
please contact me.

Author: Retail Confidential (career retrospective)
Author: Stephen Boyd: From Belfast to Hollywood (story of a film star)
Writer: Features, reviews, poetry, fiction, and this blog.


In the not-too-distant future, I will be off to Japan for a couple of weeks. This really is the trip of my lifetime.

There will be Tokyo, cherry blossom, Mount Fuji, shrines, temples, castles and much to absorb in terms of culture, food and a wee nip or two of sake

As is my wont, I will be taking lots of photos and keeping a written record of as much as I can possibly remember and record.

A particular challenge I have set myself, in the spirit of Matsuo Kinsaku, better known as Basho, widely regarded as the first great haiku poet, my diary will be mainly haiku nuggets. Cusho?

Here's two Basho haiku to be going on with:

Boozy on blossoms -
dark rice,
white sake

Under the cherry -
blossom soup,
blossom salad

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