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Thursday, 6 December 2018


Paul came to my rescue one time. I was walking down our street, Bingnian Drive, towards Benbradagh Gardens, not too far from home, when three or four bigger boys started to harass me, nothing violent, just pushing and shoving and getting in my way. I was a timid kid and this was one of those incidents that could have turned into a fight, especially if uncharacteristically, I had lashed out. If I had run, they would have chased me down, and then what? I just wished they would get bored and move on. 

You know in those Superman films when all hope seems to be lost until whoosh, there he is. I kid you not, from out of nowhere, Paul and one of his mates appeared. Paul’s boot connected with a boy’s backside in an eye-watering kick. They scattered. I was saved from any trouble and he was the hero of the day. Looking after little brothers is part of what big brothers should do. 

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