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Friday, 7 December 2018


Recent 'news' that Fairytale of New York contains an offensive word - faggot. Faggot.

I've had a look at the lyrics of this scurrilous piece of objectionable writing and I am appalled at how much time has passed since it's first airing before anyone has raised an apoplectic objection to its contents.

Items that surely must offend someone.

Christmas - for feck's sake, it's the Holidays now.

Drunk tank - alcohol is the devil's drop, next to salt, sugar and red meat.

Old man - ageist!!!!

Got on a lucky one, came in at eighteen to one - betting. Sheesh!

Bum, punk, aul whoor on junk - really?

Scumbag - mother, block your ears.

Maggot - dirty!

Cheap, lousy faggot - aghast, unless we're talking about the rather tasty but humble meat dish favoured by the ne'er do wells.

Arse - gutter language.

And I haven't even started on Chuck Berry's My Ding-A-Ling.

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