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Friday, 31 August 2018


What a Carry On! Carry On Sergeant launched the series 60 years ago in 1958. In their day, most of these films were well-scripted, very funny and beautifully performed by a brilliant troupe of actors. These days of instant insult, offence and apoplexy, some will find them appalling while those, like me, still find them funny. Not all of them, mind you, and certainly not the abomination that was Carry On Columbus in 1992.

So, today, I salute a pretty successful British film franchise, producer Peter Rogers, director Gerald Thomas, writers Norman Hudis and Talbot Rothwell, Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth, Hattie Jacques, Terry Scott, Bernard Bresslaw, Jack Douglas and, of course, Barbara Windsor.

1958 Sergeant
1959 Nurse
1959 Teacher

1960 Constable
1961 Regardless
1962 Cruising
1963 Cabby
1963 Jack

1964 Spying
1964 Cleo
1965 Cowboy
1966 Screaming
1966 Don't Lose Your Head
1967 Follow That Camel

1967 Doctor
1968 Up The Khyber
1969 Camping
1969 Again Doctor
1970 Up The Jungle
1971 Henry
1971 At Your Convenience
1972 Matron
1972 Abroad
1973 Girls

1974 Dick
1975 Behind
1976 England
1978 Emmanuelle
1992 Columbus

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