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Monday, 10 July 2017


Don’t You Know
By Kaz Hawkins, featuring Sam York
Produced by David Jamison
Co-produced by Kaz Hawkins

1 Nendrum
2 Don’t Slip Away
3 Because You Love Me
4 Don’t You Know featuring Meg Tyler (Spoken word)
5 Surviving
6 Better Days
7 Alabama Love
8 The River That Sings
9 Lipstick & Cocaine
10 Hallelujah Happy People
11 Don’t You Know
12 My Daughter My Reflection featuring AMY

“I want listeners to hear every breath I make, feel the tears that came when I recorded certain songs, giggle when they hear me having fun with my vocal. The pressure was off for this album and I recorded it for me. That is what music is, a journey through emotions and I laid them all bare on this.” Kaz Hawkins

I don’t like this album. I love and adore it. Kaz Hawkins is one of the most extraordinary singers I have ever heard in my lifetime, and I have heard a hell of a lot. She has an astounding vocal range and can belt out big, brassy blues numbers or hit you in the heart with a sweetness to behold. Her last album (by the Kaz Hawkins Band) blew me away. I blogged about it here.

This new album is pretty much a solo production, although others are involved, notably Sam York on piano and guitar, and producer David Jamison. Kaz’s daughters feature too. Ten of the tracks were recorded live in a single day. Kaz’s grandson is the star on the cover.

Don’t You Know is an intimate, reflective album that draws us in to Kaz’s emotional world. I have kept an eye on her online messages and it is clear that her life runs the gamut from huge success and adoration to unhappy challenges and frustrations. These highs and lows inform the songs. It all works beautifully. Yes, you get serious, sad and deep lyrics here but they are complemented by inspiration and encouragement that whatever life throws at you, it is possible to fight like hell, most of the time, to get through the bad times. Even at the first play, the album oozed class. The production keeps things controlled. Kaz is singing to me and just me. She will sing to you personally when (not if) you buy the album. Whatever you pay, it will pay you back a hundred times more.

I’ve picked three tracks to give you a flavour of the amazing Kaz Hawkins. If you know her work, you won’t need reminding, but you must hear these new songs. If you don’t know Kaz’s catalogue, invest a few minutes on these links and you will see and hear someone who deserves through hard work, determination, sincerity and raw talent to be an international star.

Don’t Slip Away is a truly powerful song, released for Mental Health Awareness Week. Here it is: An important message and a powerful performance combined.

The River That Sings is a salute to the people of Alabama and was inspired by a specific story.

My Daughter My Refection is a mother/daughter performance and, as they say, feel the love.

 If I awarded star ratings for reviews, there wouldn't be enough in the sky for Don't You Know.

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