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Sunday, 19 October 2014


On the motorway.....
cars travelling within the law,
cars at speeds to drop a jaw,
dithering drivers slow as hearses,
prompt shaking fists, inaudible curses,
up ahead another pain,
numpty hogging the middle lane,
lorry moves out, no indication,
car horn blares in indignation,
lorry driver not giving a hoot
with a rather dramatic two-finger salute,
white vans opt for the wacky races,
in and out changing places,
in the fast lane, deadly speeds are done
by drivers testing for Formula One,
others on phones chatting away,
eating sandwiches or drinking tay*,
blue lights off to deal with sadness,
fallout from some roadway madness,
it seems that getting from here to there
is something of a danger-dare
for one or two behind the wheel,
pedal to the metal is the only deal.

Some of us are cautious sighers and tutters
justifiably so when you see all the nutters.

*Well, I'm from Northern Ireland and it's my poem!

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