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Friday, 17 October 2014


In the library, fifty years ago.....
in days of olden,
silence was golden,
no subtle tease,
just "quiet please",
that was the rule
and you'd be a fool
to break that rule,
there was nothing cool
about the librarian's wrath,
if you walked the path
of the noisy lout,
you'd be thrown out,
for silence was golden
in days of olden.

In the library, fifty minutes ago.....
in days of gadgets,
operated by fidgets,
hi-tech smart phones,
rock 'n' roll ringtones,
bleeps and chatter,
coffee shop clatter,
gossip and blether
loud as thundery weather,
you forget what peace is
struggling to write your thesis,
try coping with the din
with your earphones in,
pine for days of olden
when silence was golden.

And although most of the library noise is annoying and frightful,
the sound of children enjoying books is really quite delightful.

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