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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Every day
we wake up to another scare,
here at home or over there,
destruction, war, disease and death,
NHS on it's dying breath,
sensational, hyped-up rolling news
about fast food and too much booze,
the danger of smoking all those fags,
the Earth under threat from plastic bags,
failing schools, poor exams,
motorways choked by traffic jams,
riots, protests, sit-ins, clashes,
news obsessed with breaking flashes,
celebrities flogging boo-hoo books,
TV obese on antiques and cooks,
tainted banks now trying to be nice
with sugary ads to seduce and entice,
and Lordy how the climate's changed,
the seasons have been rearranged,
the law is indeed an ass
and politicians full of gas,
manifestos overflow with plop,
pledges, promises flip and flop......

it's easy to feel punch-drunk and confused,
as customers and voters we're ever abused,
it's hard to know who to trust
as we carry on to earn our crust.

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