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Tuesday, 1 October 2013


The latest, though not the last,
Victim of the vicious blast
And the blaster's scramble for martyr,
Are affronts to the human race.

Is it enough to expect
Compassion out of screaming pain,
To exploit humiliation from distress
In a terrorist's PR effort to impress?

In the beginning was Eden's life-defining sin,
For the engine of life to begin,
For the evolution of the freedom word,
The free pass to the insanity of absurd.

Dressed for the storm before the calm,
The media, the political whore,
Eat dinners and smile for the cameras
As the blood-red sea laps our shore.

We are by the people,
Of the people,
For the people......

We are listening,
you ordinary people,
you fuckwits,
you saps,
little, insignificant twats,
and your votes are important to us

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