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Monday, 28 October 2013



Too many cooks spoil the soup,
Ends up a mess, a sort of a gloop,
It’s been suggested it looks like poop
When too many cooks spoil the soup.

Cook 1 decides to boil the water,
Cook 2 throws in a handful of peas,
Cook 3 chops and chucks in the carrots,
Cook 4 is the onion man, if you please,
Cook 5 decides on a bit of curry,
Cook 6 adds leftover sausage and mash,
Cook 7 reckons it needs more salt,
Cook 8 stirs in some corned beef hash,
Cook 9 cracks open several eggs,
Cook 10 squeezes a dollop of mustard
Cook 11 pours in a bottle wine,
Cook 12 fancies a spoonful of custard, 
Cook 13 tips in chocolate buttons
Cook 14 includes a teabag or two,
Cook 15 adds some old mouldy bread,
They all give it a stir and say that’ll do.

Out in the restaurant, diners aren’t suspicious,
They shout “Compliments to the chef,
This soup’s delicious.”

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