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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I hate the ocean and I love the ocean,
My mood ebbs and flows with the tide,
I have my sins and I have my prayers,
But my guilt has nowhere to hide.

I often sit at the window
Staring out at the sea,
Hearing the whoosh, the whispers and moans,
Is a pain and a pleasure to me.

I am an old captain remembering friends,
The courageous young boys I led,
Storms and lightning ended their lives
And they haunt me now that they're dead.

No amount of regret will absolve me,
I have tried but found no release
From the chains of those terrible memories,
I hope they are resting in peace.

I drink whisky straight from the bottle,
Like the crew of the last ship I sailed,
I steered them to turbulent waters,
Now I live with the fact that I failed.

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