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Sunday, 7 July 2019


Over the years I have tried to write short stories, amongst other things from 500-word flash to 2,500-word efforts. Like a lot of writers, I assume, I know what I want to say but I can't always seem to find the right way to say, shaping the tales so that they appeal to editors/publishers and competition judges.

In recent times, I have had five published but I want to strengthen my writing credentials in this area.

So, by way of this blog post, I am looking for an editor(s), proven professional(s), reasonably priced to help me get my stories into respectable conditions for submission.

I need some background (not a lot - a very mini-CV) and a quotation price along these lines (just ballpark figures - we can agree on actual fees later depending on the actual word lengths):

Edit 500 words - £

Edit 1,000 words - £

Edit 1,500 words - £

Edit 2,000 words - £

Edit 2,500 words - £

Any and all responses will be appreciated, and replied to. I am not a bottomless pit but I do want to get my stories out there.

With the right choice and relationship, this could be a long-term arrangement.

If interested, please contact me via

Thank you.


Portfolio of published features, reviews, some poetry, some fiction.

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