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Friday, 5 July 2019


Drawing your attention to a forthcoming chapbook publication:

Potential by Isabelle Kenyon

It is available from 12 July 2019.

Isabelle is not only a published poet. She is also a freelance editor (she once did a great job for me), a book marketing consultant and Managing Director of Fly on the Wall Press. Some links below.

Published as part of the much-loved Ghost City Press summer series, Isabelle Kenyon's micro chapbook is a brave and prickly collection which touches on a new relationship, the-thing-between-her-legs and sexual assault. Light in tone, it is an exploration of the wonderful and the horrible things which can occur alongside love.

Here's a sample poem:

Playing House 

For five days I pretend the key is mine 
I take friends to your flat for coffee; 
I make breakfast and eat at your desk. 

For five days I leave hair on all surfaces available to me, 
like glitter you cannot erase them; 
like snakes they spool around your fingers. 

For five days I tolerate all your rules of cooking,
unnecessary appliances, over – salted water and diluted soaps –
I itch to make your mess mine; your space mine.


Fly on the Wall site:

Signed print copies:

Ebook version:

Good luck with it, Isabelle! 👍

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