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Saturday, 16 September 2017


A reaction to all the anger reported in the news.....

Do you hear that? Do you not hear that?
It’s been a long time since the last hush,
A stillness that we could count on
To calm us down when chaos boiled over.
Those two companions, Peace and Quiet,
Once familiar but nowadays strangers,
As noise takes over, real noise, loud noise,
Keyboard noise, white noise, shouting,
Screaming, the noise of anger, the soundtrack
To a world spinning faster than ever before,
Communication in overdrive, good communication,
Bad communication, unstoppable communication,
Drowning out the whispers of prayers,
Meditation and contemplation struggling
In raging torrents of fury and suspicion.

You hear the hostility, loathing, hatred,
Bitterness, acrimony, rancour, the threats,
But listen harder, no harder than that,
There are moments of serenity, and like oak tree seeds,
They will grow to overwhelm the commotion.

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