In Search of My Father 2017 Writing Project

In Search of My Father 2017 Writing Project
In Search of My Father, 2017 writing project supported by The National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. 2018, this potential book project is in development. Currently working with guidance from a professional manuscript editor.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


I like reading poetry and sometimes I understand it. I like attempting to write poems. Some are not very good, a few are okay. It's the process of playing with words and phrases and deciding when to rhyme or not that I enjoy. If a half-decent poem emerges, great!

Amongst other projects, I have been reading a lot of brief biographies and obituaries of a wide variety of people, some famous, some infamous and some not famous at all. As I read, I am looking for a hook, an incident, a quirk, a quotation or whatever and when I find a way in I just let my imagination loose.

The poems in this project are approximately 10 lines but if the flow is good I will not be restricted.

To give you a flavour of what might become a pamphlet (or a hell of a fantasy dinner party), here's the collection so far:

Frank Sinatra
Tammy Wynette
William S. Burroughs
Barbara Castle
Idi Amin
Francis Bacon
Oliver Hardy
Rosa Parks
Harry Patch
Thomas Millar
Burt Lancaster
Roald Dahl
Katy Jurado

I needed a minimum of a dozen but I'll re-read, tweak, etc until I think they are decent enough to submit.

I'm not ready to share them yet, but soon.

Fun with ideas. Fun with words!

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