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Friday, 19 July 2013


I am available to review various aspects of the arts on a freelance basis. Please contact me via or 07595 660085.

Here's a list of some of the book, radio, television and theatre reviews I have written, mainly for Tribune magazine (now deceased):


April 2009
Consumer Kids: How Big Business Is Grooming Our Children For Profit by Ed Mayo and Agnes Nairn

June 2009
Trucking Country: The Road To America's Wal-Mart Economy by Shane Hamilton

September 2009
The 86 Biggest Lies On Wall Street by John R Talbott

October 2009
Driving Like Crazy by P J O'Rourke

January 2010
Sarah (Palin) From Alaska by Scott Conroy & Shushanna Walshe
The Killer Trail by Bertrand Taithe

May 2019
The Age Of Instability by David Smith

September 2010
What Did The Baby Boomers Ever Do For Us? by Francis Beckett

October 2010
Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco

November 2010
Black Diamond by Martin Walker
Black Madonna by Peter Millar

January 2011
Dead Man Wins Election by Phil Mason

February 2011
Big Brother Watch edited by Alex Deane

June 2011
Spedan's Partnership: The Story of John Lewis and Waitrose by Peter Cox
Captain Cook: Master of the Seas by Frank McLynn

July 2011
Deadly Waters by Jay Bahadur 


December 2009
The House That Jazz Built; Classic Serial: The Complete Smiley

January 2010
Desert Island Discs
The Chris Evans Breakfast Show

February 2010
Bob Harris Country; The House That Chekhov Built
Jazz in the City; Living World

March 2010
I'm Still The Same Paul (Robeson); Today

April 2010
Radio 5 Live
Book Of The Week (Just Kids by Patti Smith); McAuley & Co

May 2010
The Carhullan Army; Great Lives; Weekend Wogan
When The Dog Dies; Morecambe and Wise - The Garage Tapes

June 2010
The Other Guantanamo; Sounds of the Sixties; Mornings with Simon Bates
BBC Local Radio
The Reith Lectures

July 2010
Down The Watta; The Marx Brothers In Britain; Simon Mayo
Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service; I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue; Country Afternoon With Hugo Duncan

September 2010
Book of the Week; Patrick Kielty; Humph Celebration Concert
Afternoon Play: Pythonesque; Radio 4

October 2010
Chris Moyles; The Reunion
Drama on 3: The Great Game; Radio 3

November 2010
Peggy Seeger; Ramblings; Today
Neil Diamond; Woman's Hour; Wake Up To Money

December 2010
The Moral Maze; The Things We Forget To Remember; Today
Great Lives; I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Into Here; John Lennon

January 2011
Today; Val Doonican

February 2011
Victoria Derbyshire; Radio 5 Live
Hawksbee and Jacobs; Desert Island Discs; Chris Evans

March 2011
Nick Ferrari; Radio 4; Song Stories
The First Time with Adam Ant; The Saturday Play
The Late Show with Stuart Bailie; The Reunion

April 2011
Churchill's Other Lives; Hefner, The Original Playboy

May 2011
2011 Sony Radio Academy Awards

June 2011
Dylan's Women
Afternoon Play; A Monstrous Family; Today

July 2011
Meet David Sedaris; Don't Cry For Me, Maradona
The Reith Lectures 2011
Four Thought; Richard Madeley

August 2011
Satchmo By Satchmo; Desert Island Discs

September 2011
The Reith Lectures 2011
Sir Jimmy Young At 90; The Nolan Show

October 2011
The Man With Many Names (Brian O'Nolan)
The Thing About Hank (Marvin); Tonight

November 2011
John Peel Lecture by Pete Townsend

December 2011
From Festonia to Belgravia - The History of Squatting; Richard Bacon; Night Waves
Ted Hughes - Memorial Tones; The Verb; Steve Wright In The Afternoon

January 2012
The Quest For Donal Q; Poetry Please
Brother-in-Lawford; The Radio Wales Phone-In 


February 2009
Terry Pratchett; Living With Alzheimer's; Who Do You Think You Are?
Minder; Cutting Edge: Killer In A Small Town

April 2009
Willie's Chocolate Revolution; CSI

June 2009
The One Show

July 2009
Imagine: David Hockney - A Bigger Picture

3 Vietnam War films - FTA; Sir! No, Sir!; Winter Soldier

June 2009
The Revengers

March 2010
Maggie's End

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